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Basshead Society was created by Miss CJ and Sickone, in search of bringing an EDM family back together in the Dallas scene and to help grow our culture by spreading knowledge and awareness. We soon after added J-RO, Aaron Hensley and Wild Knight to our leadership! Other members added; Qu35t, DJ A$ult, Ethan Toles, Lockdown, Bre’Beatz, Kaos The SpaceCadet, Cypher, Mighty Mouse, Gimmix and Dez. Working behind the scenes we have Paul Robert (Master Designer and Engineer), Angel (Art Director and Lead Chief) Jonathan (Concierge). We are very honored and proud to have a strong team and now we're all ready to focus our energy on bigger and better things for the future!

To grow our culture by spreading knowledge and awareness of our roots, history, and the ever evolving future of music and arts.

Learn, Teach, Grow
LEARN from others experiences and your own.
TEACH by passing along the fundamentals.
GROW through unity and fellowship.

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